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VLT Anual Celebration, September 27, 2013

“The Old Gray Barn was a fantastic location for our Annual Celebration. Brenda was incredible to work with: professional, kind, and detail-oriented. She knows how to use the space well, and work with your budget and event ‘style’. I highly recommend this site for any event.”

 Collin & Carmen - Wedding Day, August 9, 2014

  The Old Gray Barn was an absolutely beautiful place for our daughter's wedding.  We had a picture perfect day.  Brenda was professional, friendly, very helpful in coordinating all details related to the wedding, even the days during set up.  Her involvement on the wedding day with final details had a calming effect for us as parents of the bride.  This was the perfect venue for our daughter's country themed rustic wedding.  Definitely recommend it to anyone considering booking an event here.

Paul & Brenda - Wedding Day, July 27, 2013

We knew the minute we saw The Old Gray Barn it was exactly what we were looking for as our wedding venue. It was a beautifully blank rustic canvas where we were able to use our imaginations and create the perfect wedding we had always wanted.  With 4 days of access it tuned our wedding day into a fun 4 day wedding event!  The Old Gray Barn is one of a kind, I would highly recommend this venue.

Eric & Amber - Wedding Day, September 14, 2013

The Old Gray Barn is an awesome combination of a lot of things. First of all the Barn itself is a beautiful, functional structure with a lot of character. The land that is visible and accessible from the Barn is some of the best of what Vermont has to offer. It combines amazing views of things up close and far away with the classic Vermont land ethic of actively well-managed agricultural fields and forestland. There are multiple locations and possibilities of set up for ceremony sites and the venue is clearly well-taken care of. If you’re looking for a great venue in a beautiful spot, I can’t think of a better place than this.

Phillips Wedding August 8, 2015

Brenda Reed was great and went above and beyond, making our day our vision of perfect. Any questions we may have had she was able to help. She attended the wedding and was very helpful in keeping things flowing and always a smile on her face! Our wedding was amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better time. Thank You Brenda and the Old Gray Barn for such a great day!! The Phillips Wedding August 8th, 2015!! 

Karl & Elle - Wedding Day, August 2, 2014

The Old Gray Barn was the perfect venue for my daughter’s wedding reception.  We were able to customize the event to exactly suit her tastes and vision.  I can’t say enough good things about the site manager Brenda Reed, and the owner Alan Calfee.  They gave us support and positive energy, and the event was a complete success.  Brenda saw us through the big day – helping everything move along smoothly and seamlessly – and made it possible for me to focus on having FUN!  Because ultimately, after all is said and done, it’s the smiles and laughter and joy that make the event memorable.  Thank you Old Gray Barn for, to quote a friend, “smiles for miles…”

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