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  • Old Gray Barn Wedding Venue


Are you a 4 season facility? OGB is open from May-November currently. 

May I pay by credit card? We ask that you pay the initial deposit by check.  Subsequent deposits may be made by check or credit card with 3% convenience fee.

How do I secure a date for my event? In order to book your event, we take a deposit equal to the site fee.  Below is the site fee information:

- JUN - OCT - Friday $4000; Saturday $6500; Sunday $3000
- APR, MAY & NOV - Friday $2000; Saturday $3000; Sunday $1000
- Ceremony Fee $600

Oftentimes, you can tentatively hold a date by contacting our Event Coordinator, at 802.867-4455 or by emailing [email protected] Once you are ready to set a date, you will be required to sign a contract and make a deposit.

What kinds of permits/licensing are required?
We have all permits/licensing and do all food and catering.

Will I be responsible for removing trash after the event?
Our team will take care of all cleanup

Can I rent dishware, and glassware from the OGB?
Dishware and Glassware are included in your site fee

I’d like to decorate for my event. What guidelines must be followed?
Due to the historical nature of the facility, decorations may only be affixed using tape, craft wire, or some other “noninvasive” material that will leave no trace. No nails or staples into the wood are allowed. There are plenty of nails in the structure as is, these nails should not be removed, but may be used in place.

Can I visit the barn for planning purposes before the event?
Yes, You can certainly schedule site visits. The OGB has scheduled events May-November. Call our event Coordinator to set up a site visit.

What exactly is covered in the site fee? 
The rental agreement covers the use of the 1st and 2nd floor of the barn, attached deck, and surrounding grounds.  / Saturday night event ending by 12:00am. Our ceremony site equipped with a rustic arbor and 14 wooden benches with the option of 200 white folding chairs. Our front lawn area and/ or 2nd floor and deck area set up for cocktail hour equipped with an 8’ rustic bar. As well as our large stage, 200 folding chairs or ballroom chairs and 25 five foot round tables, 10 eight foot banquet tables, all glasses, silverware and plates. We will also include shuttles to and from Barrows House, The Dorset Inn and our rental homes until 11pm.  It is an additional rental after 11pm.

Is there parking at OGB?
We park most of the cars along the dirt driveway leading into the barn.  We can hold up to 80 cars. Handicapped parking is available, we encourage drop offs at the barn for anyone not interested in walking. 

Is smoking allowed in the barn?

No, a smoking area will be set up outside of the Barn for the enjoyment of those guests. The smoking area will be equipped with receptacles for cigarette trash. Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside of the Barn.

Does the OGB have tables and chairs?
Yes. We have 25 five foot round tables, 10 eight foot banquet tables, and 200 folding chairs and 200 ballroom chairs available for your event.

Can I have more than 1 event at the OGB?
Yes, we offer an “add an event” package. This means if you choose to add your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, or a Sunday brunch to your agreement it will be at a discounted rate. 

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